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Private Limited Company Registration

The sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business that legally has no separate existence from its owner. a proprietorship is an unregistered business entity. It simply means a person who owns and manages the business is personally responsible for its debts. A sole proprietorship is a popular form of business in India. It can either be operated under the name of its owner itself or by using a trade name that does not create a legal entity separate from its owner.
The sole proprietorship is common among small businessmen since no complexity involved in setting up of business and can be started at a nominal cost. It also has minimal registration formalities for setting up as well as no formality for winding up or closing the proprietorship A sole proprietor also has an advantage of earning all its profits. Sole proprietorships often have their bank accounts in the name of their owner. However, in order to open the bank accounts in the name of their business, they may have to register their business in GST or any other licensing documents may require.


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  • Rs 1399 all inclusive fees
  • GST+MSME Registration
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  • Rs 999 all inclusive fees
  • GST Registration

Information needed ?

Advantages of a Sole Proprietor?

  • A sole proprietor has full control over decision-making in the business.
  • Sale or transfer can take place at the discretion of the sole proprietor.
  • No corporate tax payments
  • Minimal legal costs to forming a sole proprietorship
  • Few formal business requirements

What will be the title for a Sole Proprietor Firm?

It usually go with the name of the owner or according to his decision

Features of Sole Proprietor?

  • Minimum Government Regulations
  • Liability of the owner is unlimited
  • Freedom in the selection of business
  • Doesn’t need to share his financial or any other business secrets to anyone
  • Single Ownership and Management
  • Direct Contacts with the customers and employees
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • No sharing of profits and risks

Is it possible for a Sole Proprietor to open a Current Account in the name of his Business?

Yes, It is possible for a sole proprietor to open a current account in the name of his business, if he had registered his business any of the following

  • GST
  • Trademark Registration
  • Food Licensing
  • Certificate Issued by SEZ, STP, EHTP, DTA and EPZ in the name of the entity mentioning the address allotted
  • License/ Certificate to Sell/ Stock/ Exhibit for Sale or Distribute Insecticide/Pesticide
  • etc.

Although sole proprietor doesn’t require any specific registrations, he is advised to obtain a few registrations to make his business function smoothly.

  • GST Registration
  • SME Registration
  • Shop and Establishment Act License


Documents required for Proprietorship Registration

2 Photos of the proprietor

Identity Proof any one of following

  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Card

Office Address Proof

Bank Account

PAN copy of the Proprietor

Address Proof any one of following

  • Telephone Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • EB Card

Rental Agreement or Sales Deed or Lease Deed

What We Do ?

Our Professionals Will help you in getting your Company registered under Companies Act, 2013  and Help you in getting Business licenses necessary for smooth running of businesses. We will create all the required documents and file them on your behalf

  • GST Registration

    Our Professionals collect the documents from you and Register your Business with GST within 2 to 3 days

  • MSME Registration

    Our Professionals will collect the required documents from you and register your business with MSME

  • Chartered Accountant Certificate

    Our Chartered Accountant will verify all the documents and provide a certificate to open the Current Account in Bank

  • Shop Act Licence

    Our Professionals will help you in getting your Licenses

  • Business ITR

    Our Professionals will file your ITR forms

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