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Partnership firm, Partnership Registration

Partnership firm

Partnership Registration

A Partnership Firm is a common form of business constituted by two or more person to form a business and share the profits and losses. The Partnership firm is the simplest form of business that legally has no separate existence from its owners. It simply refers to a name given to the individual composing it. A partnership firm is common among small and medium-sized business as it is easy to set up the business. In a Partnership firm unlimited liability if given to the partners
The partnership is a contractual agreement formed by oral, unregistered or by written-among the partners by drafting a partnership deed and by registering it. It is always advisable to draft up a written partnership deed and register the firm with the Registrar of Firm as it may avoid some real-life legal consequences.


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  • Rs 1500 all inclusive fees
  • Rs 3000 all inclusive fees
  • Rs 5000 all inclusive fees
  • PARTNERSHIP DEED , PAN CARD , FIRM REGISTRATION , INCOME TAX FILLING (1 year less than 1 crore turnover)

Information needed ?

What is a Partnership Deed?

It is a Legal document of a Partnership Firm. It includes all the details about its Formation, Management, functioning and resolution of the disputes among the partners of the partnership firm.

Registration of a Partnership Deed?

  • Drafting the Deed
  • Printing the Deed on a non-judicial stamp paper with a value of at least Rs.100
  • Signing the agreement
  • Legalizing the Deed and Registering under Indian Registration act of 1908

Advantages of a Partnership firm

  1. Registration is not compulsory.
  2. It can be formed without any legal formality and expenses.
  3. As more number of members, the partnership firm has larger resources for the operation of business when compared to a sole proprietorship.
  4. Flexibility in the operations of the business.
  5. partnership firm is very well managed by all the partners as they take interest in the daily affairs of business due to the ownership, profit and control.
  6. In partnership, every partner bears the risks individually, thus the risk is shared


Documents required for Formation of Partnership Company

Partnership Deed

Identity Proof any one of following

  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Card

Address Proof of the Partnership Firm

Partnership Firm PAN Copy

Address Proof any one of following

  • Telephone Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • EB Card

Rental Agreement or Sales Deed or Lease Deed

What We Do ?

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  • Form Drafting Partnership Deed

    Our Professionals will prepare your Agreement papers.

  • Application to the Registrar of Firms

    We Prepare you Registration forms and process the needs.

  • Name Filing Partnership deed

    We Register your partnership deed with the Registrar

  • Certification

    The Registrar will issue the Certification

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