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Private Limited Company

ESI Return Filing

ESI Registration has become mandatory for a business employing 20 or more persons. For ESI contribution, it will require all employees to have to earn less than Rs. 21,000/- per month.

Employee’s State Insurance(ESI) is an independent social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. For employees employing INR 21,000 or less per month, the contribution of employer 4.75 percentage and contribution of the employee will be 1.75 percentage, total share at 6.5 percentage. This reserve is controlled by the ESI Corporation (ESI) and according to the guidelines of ESI Act 1948, which manages the provisions of medical and cash benefits to the employees and their family through its network of sub-offices, dispensaries and hospitals throughout the country. Mainly the contribution of ESI is self-governed to the corporation under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. But most of the clinic and medical institutions or hospitals are run by their own state governments.

ESI Registration Procedure

1. The company can apply for registration by submitting the Employer’s Registration Form (Form-1).
2. The For is available in the PDF format on the website. Log in to the official Website and fill in the form and submit it to ESIC for registration.
3. A registration number, a 17-digit unique identity will be provided to the organization after a Verification process. The filings can be successfully done once you receive the 17-digit number.
4. An ESI Card is provided to the employees registered under the scheme, on submitting a form with photographs and details of family members.
5. The registration is permanent and the number is valid for the lifetime for the company. If any new changes, such as employee additions, has to be uploaded to the ESI.


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  • Starting At
  • Rs 8500 all inclusive fees
  • Private limited company registration with 2 DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates and company kit which include 5 copies of MOA. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

Information needed ?

What are the requirements to be a director?

Any person above 21 years can become a director. Non-residents can also become director of Indian companies.

I already have my digital signature certificate and DIN. Will the package value remain the same?

In case, you already have a DSC and DIN, our experts will offer you some concession accordingly on the above package.

What is a digital signature certificate (DSC)?

Digital signature is process to authenticate and validate records electronically. DSC is required for every director of the company as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandates digital signature of directors on some documents.

Can a foreign national be a director in a private limited company?

Yes, a foreign national can become director of a private limited company. Atleast one director in a company should be resident Indian.

Can a partnership firm be converted into private limited company?

Yes, a partnership firm can be converted into private limited company by following the procedure laid down.

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

DIN is a unique identification number which is allotted to all the directors existing or proposed. DIN can be obtained by filing e-form DIR2 in MCA portal.

Can a private limited company be later converted into public limited company?

Yes, You can convert a private limited company into a public limited company.


Documents required for ESI Return Filing

Attendance Register

Register of Wages

Inspection book

Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI

Register for Form 6

Register of any accidents on the premises

What We Do ?

Our Professionals Will help you in getting your Company registered under Companies Act, 2013  and Help you in getting Business licenses necessary for smooth running of businesses. We will create all the required documents and file them on your behalf

  • What is the procedure for the registration of an employer?

    An employer can apply for FORM 01 within 15 days after the act becomes applicable to an establishment or a unit.

  • Is it mandatory for employers to register under the ESI?

    Yes, this is a mandatory requirement for every employer who comes under this act to register their unit/Factory/ Establishment.

  • What are compliance requirements?

    Every employer who is covered under this act is required to comply with various compliances like the deposit of monthly contribution, in order to file the half yearly return and report to the ESIC authorities if there is any changes in the business activity, the address, ownership and the management, the maintenance of registers and records etc.

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