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Copyright Registration

Copyright registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright is a type of licensed innovation security like trademark and Patents. It is a form of intellectual property. A copyright is a lawful right given by the law to the makers of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Copyright give the proprietor of the work certain shield to guarantee the scholarly work is ensured and innovativeness is protected. 

In India, Copyrights are enrolled under The Copyright Act, 1957.  However, thoughts, techniques, strategies for operation or numerical ideas cannot be copyrighted. 


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  • Starting At
  • Rs 3000 all inclusive fees
  • Private limited company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates and company kit. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

Information needed ?

What kind of works are Registered under Copyright Registration?

Literacy, Dramatic, musical, Artistic, Sound Recording, Cinematographic

Rights given under Copyright protection in India?

  • The Right of Publication
  • The Right of Paternity
  • The Right of Integrity


Documents required for Copyright Registration

Copies of Work

Application Material

Publication Details

NOC Certificate

What We Do ?

Our Professionals Will help you in getting your Company registered under Companies Act, 2013  and Help you in getting Business licenses necessary for smooth running of businesses. We will create all the required documents and file them on your behalf

  • Form Drafting

    We will prepare your copyright registration form

  • Gathering Materials

    We will gather the materials from you for the copyrights

  • Application Filing

    We will be filing application to necessary department

  • Diary Number

    We will provide you the diary Number for the approval of copyright

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