Transfer of Shares, share transfer

The Share Transfer is the Process of sharing the shares from one Person to the another. The transfer of shares in a private limited company differs from that of the Public limited company. Section 56 of the Companies Act,2013 comprises of the transfer and transmission of Securities of a company.

According to the section 56(1) of the Companies Act, 2013, a company cannot register a transfer of shares of the company until a proper instrument of transfer is stamped, dated and executed on behalf of the transferor.

The Transfer of securities held in physical form can be started by executing the instrument of transfer by the form no. SH-4 or Security transfer form, with the date of its execution, specified and should be delivered to the company 60 days from the date of such execution.

Stamp Duty in the Transfer of share
Value determination of shares
The procedure of transfer of shares
Time Limitation