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Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company Registration

A Public Limited Company is a company with limited liability towards its shareholders. The public limited company offers shares to the Public and are traded on the stock exchange for the benefit of the company in raising funds. Public Limited Company Stocks can be bought by anyone. A minimum of 3 directors are required and there is no restriction on the maximum number of directors in a public limited company.

In a public limited company, the liability of each shareholder is limited. A minimum paid-up capital of Rs 5 lakh or such higher amount is required and a minimum of 7 shareholders and no restriction on the maximum number of members are required to form a public limited company. Since the shares are sold to the public the risk is spread out and thus, there is a better opportunity for growing and expanding the business by investing in new projects from the money raised through shares.

Arama will help you in getting your Company registered as a limited company under the Companies Act, 2013  and Help you in Obtaining Business licenses necessary for the proper running of businesses. We will create all the required documents and file them on your behalf


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  • Starting At
  • Rs 18500 all inclusive fees
  • Public limited company registration with 7 DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates and company kit which include 5 copies of MOA. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

Information needed ?

What are the primary requirements to form a public limited company?

In order to set up a public limited company anywhere in India, required a minimum of Seven three Directors and Seven Shareholders. However, the directors can also be shareholders.

I already have my digital signature certificate and DIN. Will the package value remain the same?

In case, you already have a DSC and DIN, our experts will offer you some concession accordingly on the above package.

What is a digital signature certificate (DSC)?

Digital signature is process to authenticate and validate records electronically. DSC is required for every director of the company as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandates digital signature of directors on some documents.

Liabilities of Public limited Company?

Since a limited company deals with public money, it has to manage rather heavy compliances strictly, which are heavier than those of a private limited company. Other than regular compliances related with tome tax, there are also many other periodic and annual compliances to be made and managed by a limited company with ROC/MCA, SEBI, RBI, etc. These regulatory liabilities are to securing and promoting steadily the profits and welfare of all shareholders of the public limited company.

Advantages of Public Limited Company?

  • A public limited company can have a bulkier magnitude of capital, much more than that gathered by a private limited company.
  • It is authorized legally to trade on stock exchanges.
  • No limitation to the maximum number of shareholders in a public limited company.
  • The public limited company shareholders have limited liabilities, limited roughly to the face value of the shares they own. Also, they do not have to take part in the day-to-day management of the business of the company.
  • Public limited company shareholders are entitled to transfer their shares freely without needing the consent of someone.

Process of Registration of Public Limited Company?


Register the company by filing the Form INC-29, with the MCA.


  • Apply to get approval and application of any of the proposed names, through Form INC-1 and send to the Central Registration Centre.
  • Filing Form INC-7 for incorporation of the limited company.
  • Through MCA by Filing Form INC-22, Form DIR-12, etc., together with all required documents.

Can a NRI be a director of Public limited company?

Yes, a Foreign National or NRI can be a shareholder or director in a public limited company of India. The main requirement is he should be a sensible adult who such possess the DIN issued by MCA.


Documents required for Formation of Public Limited Company

2 Photos of each Director

Identity Proof any one of following each Director

  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Card

Proposed Company Name

Office Address Proof

Authorized Capital

PAN copy of each Director

Address Proof any one of following each Director

  • Telephone Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • EB Card

Rental Agreement or Sales Deed or Lease Deed

Share holder percentage

Paid-up Capital

What We Do ?

Arama is the leading Tax consultants in South India which offers a reliable service by experienced experts at a short time of period in a reasonable price Arama is leading in Private limited registration, one-person company registration Nidhi, Section 8 company registrations, producer company and Indian subsidiary registrations. Our Advisors are always available in chatbots to answer your Queries. Arama offer Free consultations for Private Limited Companies. The Registration Process can be done within 10 to 15 working days as per the documents submitted by the clients.

  • Form Drafting

    We will prepare your public limited registration form

  • Obtain DSC & DIN

    DSC and DIN for all directors are required for the documentation of the public limited company

  • Name Approval

    We make company name approval from the respective authority with the recommended document

  • Filing MOA & AOA

    We will be filing MOA and AOA for the directors of company

  • Company Certification

    Once the registration completed you will get certificate and CIN number

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